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Samsung Claims it can Make Three-fold Cellphones

Samsung Claims it can Make Three-fold Cellphones
Samsung claims it can make three-fold cellphones. Foto : Let's Go Digital
After gushing Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung gets a lot of questions about when they made a triple screen phone.
Not without reason the question was sticking out. Samsung once filed a patent folding screen device that has a different look than the two devices that were released earlier.
Samsung boss also answered everyone's curiosity. He said that his party was considering how folding experience could provide value for consumers.

Samsung Claims it can Make Three-fold Cellphones
CEO Samsung Mobile Roh Tae-moon berbicara pada konferensi pers di San Francisco Foto: Samsung
"Technologically we are able to design mobile phones that fold more. But what is most important from the folding screen technology itself is the type of value offered to consumers," said Roh Tae Moon, CEO of Samsung Mobile, as reported by The Korean Herald.

Roh revealed the company is working hard to realize its first Galaxy Fold cellphone. It took six or seven years to prepare it. While the Galaxy Z Flip takes almost three years to commercialize.

"It's also important to have an ecosystem for adequate content and services before releasing more foldable variants," he said. "We can release a new folding phone at the right time when there is enough service

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