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4 Smartphone Trends in 2020

Motorola Razr folding screen phone. Photo : Digital Trends
2020 has arrived. This year, the smartphone world is predicted to be excited by the support of various new technologies. Here are some smartphone trends this year, as quoted by IkakuSubs from Cnet.

5G Smartphone More Mainstream

Some countries have commercialized the 5G network in 2019, as well as a handful of smartphones that support it. Samsung has sold 2 million units of 5G smartphones in the country, South Korea.

Various weaknesses still haunt the cell phone 5G years ago. For example, the price is expensive, the network is still scarce and also the chip is inefficient so it tends to be wasteful of batteries.

This year, it is almost certain that 5G smartphones are more mainstream, the technology is getting more sophisticated and the price is decreasing. Especially of course in countries that have implemented 5G such as China, South Korea, Britain and the United States.

Vendors such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung are likely to be more aggressive in pouring 5G phones. Large file downloads, flawless video calls, awesome real time game graphics to Augmented Reality will captivate people.

More Foldable Screen Phones

Some folding screen phones began to be marketed last year, namely Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X and following the Motorola Razr Reborn.

The vendors seem to be still conducting market tests, whether folding screen phones are accepted by consumers. The price is still very expensive and the technology is not yet ripe, as proven by marketing delays.

However, folding screen phones are predicted to develop in 2020 with increasingly diverse models and of course accompanied by falling prices. Samsung has prepared a new generation of Galaxy Fold, as well as LG, Xiaomi and TCL have prepared their champions.

More Powerful Camera Quality

The camera later became a major sector of smartphone vendor innovation. In 2019, various breakthroughs were made such as periscope lenses that are able to zoom in good quality.

Then telephoto lenses and wide angle were spread. So do not be surprised if the camera smartphone increases, even the Nokia 9 has five rear cameras. Another trend is photos at night or when it gets dark more sophisticated.

This year, a new mobile processor will be able to support cameras up to 200 megapixel resolution. Progress will also hit telephoto and wide angle photography. Then, more phones will use 5x optical zoom, especially in the upper segment.

Screen 120Hz So Bulk

The 120Hz screen is predicted to be increasingly plural in use in 2020. One of the rumored to use it is the Galaxy S11.

As is known, the higher the refresh rate, the animation displayed will be smoother, although it must be redeemed by higher battery power consumption. Most cellphone screens today still use 60Hz screens, except for a number of cellphones such as ROG Phone 2 (120Hz) and OnePlus 7 Pro and Pixel 4 (90Hz).

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